- “So what kind of music do you write?”

Another tricky question…. “good music, I hope..” is the standard, easy answer. I’ve never been happy with labels: jazz or pop, modern, classical, world… The best music is often heard in the spaces between the pigeonholes, or even in no-mans land.

I studied arranging and commercial composition courses in college and did a little commercial arranging, but it wasn’t until I moved to Holland that I really started writing: on the one hand for school orchestras and ensembles, on the other for the UWO. Winning a few composition prizes supplied much-appreciated recognition and a welcome increase in commissions.

Complete listings can be found on the Compositions page: the larger projects are described separately.

Although I’ve often composed to commission, I much prefer writing for people I know, integrating their musical language and preferences into mine, and working with improvising musicians takes this integration much further.


  • The “Paradies 2” project, for which I wrote the music for “Das Geheimnis von Schlabendorf”, was awarded the prestigious BKM-Kulturelle Bildungspreis 2011 (Germany).
  • 2000: “Mabel’s Birthday” was a prizewinner in the Hemphill Awards 2000 (Jazz Composers Alliance, USA)
  • “Cerasarda” is a piece for bigband, inspired by Sardinian folk music. Winner of the 1st prize in the “Scrivere in Jazz” 2000 composition concours in Sardinia.
  • 1998: The piece “Á la Mode” was awarded a “Menzione Speciale” in “Scrivere in Jazz”
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