These songs were written after a series of conversations about psychosis. Everyone I talked to had experienced the devastating effects at first hand- either personally, or with family or friends- but rarely talked about it.

Many of us are uncomfortably familiar with the various symptoms of psychosis, and with the struggle to accommodate them into everyday life. But most of the available information about the nature of the illness comes from the medics.. speaking from the outside. There is very little information about how it feels from the inside.. what it’s like to be psychotic. And while it is possible to fall (or to jump, as some do), I discovered that there is no real ‘Edge’ between mental illness and health, no clear-cut border.

These songs are an interpretation, an attempt to express some of the aspects of psychosis from the inside. They can be disturbing- but then so is psychosis.

Recorded by “PLoTS”, a new and adventurous Dutch/German band (see line-up). The CD was released in April 2012 on JazzHausMusik (JHM 208)

PLoTS musicians

PLoTS: Simin Tander (voc), Tessa Zoutendijk (vl), Esmée Olthuis (sx), Laia Genc (pno)

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Hazel Leach
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